How Brow Ptosis Affects Your Appearance

Published on September 21, 2017
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The facial expressions you make are a critical aspect of communication. They provide others with the visual cues they need to fully grasp what you are trying to tell them, and they can be an indication of your current mood.

Now imagine having a constantly angry, tired, or worried appearance, despite how you actually feel on the inside. This makes it difficult for others to know how you are feeling and can make you seem unapproachable, which can have harmful effects on your self-esteem and your comfort with your appearance.

These issues are frequently encountered by those who suffer from moderate to severe ptosis, a condition characterized by drooping forehead and brow skin. Individuals who suffer from ptosis may have prominent furrows that give them a worried appearance or vertical furrows between their eyebrows that make them look angry or stressed.

Drooping skin can also lead to the formation of severe folds and deep creases on the forehead. If the drooping is severe, the brow skin may begin to affect the appearance of your eyes, a condition known as lateral hooding. If the individual has sagging upper-eyelid skin, brow ptosis can contribute to the issue and create a compounded problem.

There are multiple factors that can cause ptosis, the most common of which is aging. As we age, the skin slowly loses its strength and elasticity and the muscles of the brow become fatigued. Some people may experience premature aging due to their genetics and as a result of external factors like sun damage. Some people naturally have thicker brow skin that weighs down the area.

Fellowship-trained oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Stephen Laquis can address your drooping brow by performing a brow lift. The procedure will lift the skin of the brow and reposition the underlying muscles to create a smoother and more youthful appearance. If you are interested in receiving a brow lift, please contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Laquis.

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