Orbital Issues Fort Myers

There are several different conditions that can be addressed through the treatment of orbital issues in Fort Myers. Ophthalmic plastic and orbital surgery is Dr. Stephen Laquis’s specialization. He regularly performs corrective surgeries for problems occurring around the eye area, including orbital issues.

Orbital Issues

Hyperthyroidism: Due to thyroid disease, hyperthyroidism may create swelling and inflammation in the orbit. As a result, eyes may protrude. This condition is corrected surgically by removing some bone around the orbit so the eye may “fall” back into the orbit.

Orbital tumors: Tumors may develop in the orbit or spread from other areas in the body. Fortunately, most orbital tumors are benign. A radiographic scan will be ordered to help with the diagnosis and a biopsy may be necessary.

Cysts: Cysts are fluid-filled growths that can form in the orbit. These can require surgical removal. The size and depth of the cyst will help in determining the ideal treatment method.

Trauma injuries, congenital defects, or deformities: Some people experience orbital issues as a result of an accident. Many people are born with orbital issues such as defects or deformities. Reconstructive surgery might be needed to correct these issues.

Do I Need to Come In for Treatment?

If you have deformities, structural concerns, or trauma-induced malformation in your eye area and surrounding tissues, treatment will likely be required. If you have existing conditions like tumors and congenital defects, you may need to undergo treatment for orbital issues in Fort Myers.

So grateful I found him!!

Dr. Laquis
is one of those doctors that will take the time to listen to your concerns and not make you feel rushed. His attention to detail sets him apart from other surgeons. I’m 100% happy with my results and so grateful I found him!! During the season he books quite far out but trusts me, it’s worth the wait! ;))

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Your Consultation

During your initial consultation in Fort Myers, Dr. Laquis will ask you about symptoms you have experienced as a result of your orbital issues and will examine the area. He will also talk to you about your complete medical history, including the medications you are currently taking. This is the best time for you to elaborate on your concerns and expected outcomes.

Dr. Laquis will determine whether you need surgical or non-surgical treatment for your orbital issues. If you need to undergo a surgical procedure, Dr. Laquis might ask you to avoid taking certain medications and smoking days or weeks before your surgery.

After Your Treatment

If you undergo a surgical procedure, it might take up to several weeks for a full recovery. However, some surgeries are minor; for these, you can go back to your regular activities after a few days. Complications like swelling and bruising can develop but should disappear after a few days. Wait until any incisions are fully healed before you engage in strenuous activities.

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Cost and Payment Options

The cost of your Orbital Issues treatment in Fort Myers will be discussed during your consultation with Dr. Laquis. Price will be based on the type of treatment performed and other factors that our team can go over in detail. Contact your health insurance provider to find out more about coverage for this procedure.

Schedule a Consultation

In order to learn more about the best treatment for your orbital issues in Fort Myers, book an appointment with Dr. Laquis today. Contact our office for a consultation or call 239-947-4042.

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