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Entropion is a condition in which an eyelid turns inward. The lashes often rub against the eye and it can be very uncomfortable. Dr. Stephen Laquis is a highly skilled ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgeon who has a great deal of experience performing treatment for entropion in Fort Myers.

Entropion occurs as a result of laxity of tendons and/or muscles, trauma, scarring, or previous surgeries. In some cases, it is caused by inflammation or an infection. Aging is also a factor for developing entropion.

Your Consultation

During your consultation with Dr. Stephen Laquis, he will examine your eyelids to diagnose your ectropion. He will look over your medical records to find out about any allergies, past surgeries, pre-existing conditions, and current medications/supplements.

Next, Dr. Laquis will recommend the proper course of action based on the details of your condition. If surgery is recommended, he will create a surgical plan, which he will thoroughly explain to you. The discussion will include the preparation and recovery process. Any concerns you raise will be answered in detail so you can be confident with your surgical plan.

Entropion Treatment

While there are many ways to lessen the symptoms of entropion, full treatment of the condition is the optimal solution. If your entropion occurred due to an infection or active inflammation, treating the infected or inflamed eye may return your eyelid to its normal alignment. However, if the tissue has been scarred, this may not be enough to resolve the condition.

Entropion surgery is a permanent way to correct the condition. Surgical repair often involves tightening of the lid, and if necessary removal of scar tissue.

Before any surgery for entropion, regardless of the technique used, you will be administered local anesthesia to numb the eyelid and surrounding areas. Local anesthesia ensures that the procedure does not involve any pain. Light sedation may also be used.

Surgical Techniques

The type of surgery chosen to address your entropion will depend on the cause of your entropion and the condition of the tissues that surround your eyelid.

Age-Related Entropion: Tendon and/or muscle laxity in the eyelid region often occurs during the aging process. During surgery, Dr. Laquis will first remove a part of the lower eyelid, tightening the tendons and/or muscles causing the issue. Fine stitches will then be placed either below the lower eyelid or on the outside corner of the eye.

When Scar Tissue Is Present: Scar tissue inside the eyelid can result from eyelid trauma, a previous surgery, infection, or inflammation. This scar tissue will be surgically removed. In certain cases, a mucous membrane graft may be needed once the scar tissue has been removed. This can be created using tissue taken from the nasal passages or the roof of the mouth.

Healing and Aftercare

Once entropion surgery has been completed, the recovery process will begin. The patient can go home after the entropion surgery. However, it will be necessary to arrange for a ride home afterwards, since the patient will not be able to safely drive immediately following the procedure. A feeling of tightness is normal and will gradually disappear as part of healing. Patients must apply an antibiotic ointment for a week to help avoid infection. Additionally, patients will not be able to wear contacts for a time.

Patients often experience a degree of bruising and swelling in the eye area. These can be reduced with the help of cold compresses. Keeping one’s head elevated at all times will also help to reduce swelling. It will take about two weeks for all bruising and swelling to fade. Follow-up visits will be scheduled following your entropion surgery in Fort Myers to ensure that you are healing properly. Full results can be seen once the treated area has fully healed.

Cost and Payment Options

The cost of your ectropion treatment in Fort Myers will be discussed during your consultation with Dr. Laquis. Price will be based on the type of treatment performed and other factors that our team can go over in detail. Contact your health insurance provider to find out more about coverage for this procedure.

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Contact our office for a consultation or call 239-947-4042. Dr. Stephen Laquis is a highly skilled ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgeon who is dedicated to providing our patients with excellent results from their entropion treatment in Fort Myers.

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