Understanding Eyelid Ptosis

Published on April 24, 2017
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The drooping of one or both of the eyelids is a medical condition known as ptosis. There are many factors that can cause eyelid ptosis.

Ptosis is most commonly caused by the effects of aging, gravity, and other external factors on the muscles and skin of the eyelids. Although you do not feel them, the muscles in your eyelids are being used constantly. Over time, these muscles become strained and tired, and their ability to perform their normal functions is significantly diminished. The skin will also stretch and become loose, which will exacerbate the issue. Because of these factors, ptosis is commonly seen in older adults.

Ptosis can occur in individuals of all ages as the result of other factors as well, including trauma, neurological issues, and a congenital defect. There are individuals born with weakened, malformed, or otherwise nonfunctional muscles and tendons in their eyelids, though these cases are rare.

Ptosis can only be an aesthetic issue for some, but those with more severe ptosis can encounter problems with their vision due to the eyelid obstructing their field of view. It is also possible for ptosis to be temporary or for it to appear and disappear in one or both eyes.

If you are experiencing ptosis and are growing concerned about your drooping eyelids, it is critical that you go to a highly trained medical professional for a proper diagnosis. Multiple tests may be performed in order to determine the exact cause of your ptosis so a proper treatment can be found.

Fellowship-trained oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Stephen Laquis has valuable experience in procedures of the eyelids and can surgically correct ptosis. Once the eyelid is elevated and healed, there should be noticeable enhancement of your appearance, and your field of vision and the symmetry of your eyelids should be fully restored.

Contact us to schedule a consultation. Dr. Laquis will thoroughly examine the issue and discuss each step of the process with you to ensure you feel comfortable and cared for.

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