What Is Dry Eye Syndrome?

Published on March 15, 2017
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Your eyes require proper lubrication in order to function on a daily basis. Most people have no issues with eye lubrication; the tears that their eyes produce provide them with a sufficient amount throughout the day. Some people, however, suffer from a common medical issue known as dry eye syndrome.

This issue occurs when the body is unable to keep the eyes properly lubricated. Dry eye syndrome can produce a number of disorienting and painful symptoms, including issues like sensitivity to light, a gritty and irritating feeling on the eye, blurred vision, redness, and burning or itching on the eyes.

A very common symptom of dry eye syndrome is the overproduction of tears. It may seem odd that a condition that is caused by the lack of tears can lead to the overproduction of them, but this is simply an adaptive mechanism of the body.

When the body notices that the eyes are becoming severely dry, it stimulates the production of tears in the eyes in an attempt to counteract the issue. The amount of tears the body produces in response to dry eye syndrome is usually insufficient and is unable to provide the eyes with the proper lubrication they need.

There are a number of factors that can exacerbate the issues experienced as a result of dry eye syndrome. Medications such as antihistamines, certain chronic health conditions, and windy and dry climates can all increase the severity of the symptoms experienced.

Activities that are strenuous on the eyes and require long periods of intense focus and decreased blinking can also cause your symptoms to increase in severity. This includes activities like driving, prolonged periods of computer or phone use, and extensive reading.

In order to treat your dry eye syndrome, you will need to be properly evaluated so that the extent of the issue can be determined and an appropriate treatment can be found. Treatment for dry eye syndrome can range from the regular use of artificial tears to the permanent closure of the tear drain, though this option is reserved for extreme cases.

If you believe that you are currently suffering from dry eye syndrome and are in search of professional medical relief, contact us to schedule a consultation. Ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Stephen Laquis will properly diagnose the extent of your issues and provide you with the appropriate solution.

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